Lose Weight in 10 days with these 10 Tips

Losing weight is everyone’s big dream nowadays owing to unhealthy strenuous lifestyle. No one can follow a strict regime of exercising daily to lose weight. Every month or week you promise yourself that i am going to lose five to ten kilos or pounds say in a week or a month. Especially after a hurtful remark from a relative or partner. These remark ring a bell of alarm in your mind and you sit down seriously and make a vow to exercise daily and even enroll yourself in a gym, but unfortunately after strenuous exercise for a week, you will start to skip it and after some time stop it altogether.

We are going to tell you the ways to lose weight naturally without any huffing puffing in the gym only in 10 days. Imagine only in 10 days !!!!

That is not a big price to reduce your extra kilos. Follow the following tips and you will be on the way to that body you desire to have –

1. Water, water everywhere

The simplest way is to double the intake of water. Water is available everywhere, whether you are at home or in the office or travelling. Just drink water. The warmer the better.

2. Fibre is the way

To keep your hunger in control, eat fibre in high quantity. And no, not the one that you wear. We recommend 30 grams a day. No less, whenever you can find fibre eat it. Soluble or insoluble, does not matter. Remember it contains no fat.

3. Eat before eight

Eat your meal two hours before sleeping and don’t miss a walk afterwards. Avoid heavy dinner if you want to feel like a feather.

4. NO to carbs

What do you do if you see a cockroach on the kitchen shelf? You shriek. The same way, shriek when you see carbs in your diet. Avoid it totally. Carbohydrates contain calories and calories are a big NO. For more nutritious diet, eat less carbs and say yes to abs.

5. Fat is not bad

All fats are not unhealthy. Unsaturated fat helps lowering the cholesterol and takes care of your heart don’t avoid healthy fats but run away from the unhealthy ones.

6. Yes to walks

Count your steps daily and walk as much as possible. You can walk and talk, you can walk short distances, you can take stroll and enjoy nature. Seriously, it helps.

7. Junk makes you junk

A wall breaking willpower is needed for this task. It’s very very difficult to ignore the delicious pizzas and fries just close your eyes and think of a smart you in comparison to a big round pizza. The choice is yours. I bet smart you wins the battle.

8 The more the better

Don’t skip your meals. Instead eat small meals at regular intervals. That way you won’t over eat and you will boost your metabolism.

9 Check the snack

Carefully choose your snacks. It’s definitely going to have an effect in losing weight. High fibre, low carbs and low unsaturated fat are recommended. Recommendation is ours, choice is yours.

10. Tea is the key

Start your day with lemon green tea and activate your body for the day. Its worth it, trust me. It improves metabolism as well as your mood.

So, hoping that these tips would help you reach your goal of losing weight without exercise and the remarks will be changed. All your clothes will be oversized and that too in just 10 days. Try it and don’t forget to share your experience with us. You can also ask us anything about it. We will be happy to help.

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