Top Five Earphones Under Rs. 500 – November 2018 Edition

Earphones are widely used to enjoy music and receive calls hand free. Every now and then we keep them in our pockets to use them whenever we want. Usually, finding the perfect earphone set is a hard job. Interestingly, at hotshotinfo, we personally selected some of the best earphones in the market. These superior quality earphones come with a very affordable price tag.

 So, here is a list of top five earphones under Rs. 500
  • Portronics Conch Alpha
  • Mi basic with Mic
  • Boat bass heads 100
  • Wooky Beats
  • Sencer Extra Bass

All the earphones have an inbuilt microphone in common.

Portronics Conch Alpha – Rs. 325 :

Top Five Earphones Under Rs. 500

Portronics Conch Alfa POR-840 has superb sound quality with rich bass as well. The cord length of 1.15 meters allows the music lover to keep his/her phone inside the pocket. It does come with a 14.2mm driver for extra-ordinary bass and sound clarity.


  • 14.2mm driver.
  • Quality design.
  • Perfect fit.

Mi Basic with mic – Rs. 399 :

Top Five Earphones Under Rs. 500

Xiaomi basic earphones come with silicon earbuds and provide a deep bass. The company also provides you with extra earbuds for different ear sizes.

Pros :

  • Xiaomi brand.
  • 10mm driver.
  • Extra Earbuds.
  • Red Colour variant.

Boat Bass Head 100 – Rs. 448 :

Top Five Earphones Under Rs. 500

Boat Bass Head 100 earphone has ‘HAWK’ inspired design which makes it really good looking. We believe, they are the most stylish earphones in our list. Interestingly, the cable length is of 1.2 metres, which is more than enough.


  • Most stylish.
  • 1.2-meter cable.
  • Powerful bass.

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Wooky Beats – Rs. 319 :

Top Five Earphones Under Rs. 500

These earphones make it to the list because of its reviews, many buyers commented good about them, as they provide clear sound with the right amount of bass.


  • Good customer reviews.
  • 10mm driver.
  • HD sound.

Sencer Extra Bass – Rs. 499 :

Top Five Earphones Under Rs. 500

These earphones are also premium as they provide one of the best quality you will ever get on an earphone pair. Notably, They are boxed with 3 extra silicone buds for comfort and size.


  • Premium design.
  • Extra-ordinary quality.
  • Extra earbuds.


So this was the list of all the earphones you can get below Rs 500. They offer the best quality and comes with a very budget-friendly price. Share this article with your family and friends so that they can also grab this offer.
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