Tesla India Plans Revealed by Elon Musk – Electric Cars 2019

Tesla is the world’s fastest growing electric car manufacturing company and now they are planning to enter India. Elon Musk has finally revealed his company’s plan for the nation. The CEO of Tesla replied on a tweet stating the launch of the Tesla Brand in the country.

The reply clearly mentioned that Tesla will start their operations in late 2019 with expansion in 2020. The question is, which car would it launch at first and at what price. We are expected the Tesla Model 3 to be the first vehicle in the country. Interestingly, there are some chances that the Tesla Model S could also make its way.

Surprisingly, 2019 will be the beginning of the electric cars for the nation. As Hyundai Kona will also be among the first full-fledged electric vehicles. This upcoming car will be the first electric SUV in India.

Tesla India Launch :

Coming back to the Tesla launch, we are quite excited about it and we are sure you must be too. The major question is, whether the Indian government is ready for electric vehicles or not. Unfortunately, these new-age cars cost significantly higher than the current ones. Not every average Indian will be able to afford this luxury. Although the running cost of electric vehicles is 1/10th if we compare to diesel or petrol vehicles.

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The Indian Government should take major actions to welcome eco-friendly vehicles. Sooner or later, we will have to move on from Diesel and Petrol Engines, either the electric way or some other. Currently, we do not have proper infrastructure and enough charging stations on the roads.

What do you think about electric cars in India? do tell us about your opinion by commenting below.

Do you think Tesla will be able to make a profit in our country and will people actually buy these cars?

Well, we will have to wait for a little longer to actually see our Government’s Action and Citizen’s response. Stay tuned to hotshotinfo for more updates.

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