How to Sell Your Old Car in One Visit | FREE Inspection, Best Value, Instant Payments #CARS24

Every now & then, there’s a new car launch in the automotive industry; and car enthusiasts look
forward to the machine in the spotlight. With an increase in disposable income, every individual wishes to
own a new car; a bigger car and a better version of the previous one. With so many options available in
the market, it is an extremely difficult task to choose the right one.

How to Sell Your Old Car in One Visit | FREE Inspection, Best Value, Instant Payments #CARS24 However, the most tedious part of the process is to sell your old car in order to commence the journey
of buying a new one. So, today we will talk about the selling part of this journey.

The conventional method involved in selling a car is to post it on various websites/platforms and to contact used car dealers in the locality. As a result, car owners start getting numerous inquiries regarding the car’s condition, price negotiation and plenty of irrelevant calls too. This makes the whole
procedure extremely time-consuming and could take up to 60-90 days.

In this era of technological advancement, we now have a solution to every inconvenience. CARS24 has a
very interesting car-buying model that helps a car owner to get the best value for the car. To ease out
the whole process, there is a very unique concept of selling your car in one visit. Not just that, they also
handle the process of RC Transfer free of cost.

Additionally, there are other services they offer which again, are free of cost. Before selling the car, an
(free) inspection is required that enables the dealers from all over India to bid for your car. Usually,
after selling the vehicle to a local dealer or an unknown, the most common issue faced by the owner is –
receiving payment. The money is usually transferred in installments or takes months for the full
amount to credit into the account. This is where CARS24 takes the lead by providing instant payments in
the bank account.

I am going to cover a few important points that personally attracted me towards this service:
– I could book an appointment from CARS24 mobile application or website – FREE
– I got in and out inspection of my car done by the team – FREE
– I got a better value for my vehicle as compared to other local dealers.
– No wait! Instant payments straight in your bank account.
– Duration of process is not more than an hour.
Car Bechni Ho, Toh CARS24!
The process is very simple
1. Click on this link, which will take you to the CAR24 website to get a free inspection of your car
2. Select the “Car Manufacturer” from the list.
3. Select the “Car Model” now and Registration Year.
4. Select the “Variant” of your car.
5. Select the “Registration State”
6. Choose “How many kilometers have you driven”
7. Type your Mobile Number for OTP & voila!
That’s it! You will get the estimated car’s value with CARCULATOR of CARS24, then you can choose the
place, date & time for your FREE Inspection.

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